Jul 10, 2020

Episode 138 of Wedding Photographers Unite! In this episode Andy and Lindsay are joined by recurring guest Nick Dantonio and special guest Megan Breukelman as we discuss:

-2020 is all about the side hustle…
-What happens and how do you sustain yourself when you go full time wedding photographer two weeks before the rona?
-More thoughts on our experience shooting our first post-rona weddings
-Now listen here…why you NEED a retirement account as a business owner
-Congratulations Canon hold-outs! We discuss the new R5 and R6 announcement and it turns out these features are looking great!
-We spend some time talking about shooting video and pulling stills from one camera because of the R5’s 8k video
-Megan’s website is the bee’s knees: https://meganbreukelman.com/

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Episode image: Megan Breukelman